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The Boat Group you are looking for, has no site yet.

We've looked!

But don't despair, you can do something about it.

We can put together a site specifically for your boat group, with a interactive forum. Owners just like you, can come and share you Success and ask you common questions. All that is required is a check for $100.00 for the initial set up and to cover the first years hosting. Keeping the site will cost $50.00 a year. If your site takes off, and you want to "take it away" to your own URL, please do, we will link to your URL for free.
Its as easy a writing a check to:

James Clausen
7067 Villa Estelle Drive
Orlando FL 32819

Questions to.
( please remove the anti-spam ‘
X’s before E-mailing ) please put "boat group" in the subject bar.

Working together we can make a Great Boat even better, thanks for your support.