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Date: February 10, 2003 at 18:24:10
From: Jim Clausen, []
Subject: Re: Norcold Refrigerator Replacement

Refrigerator Replacements

So your Norcold DE 461 has chilled it last beer.
Not to fear, you no longer have to reinstall the same old Norcold refrigerator.
You have choices.

There is the Tundra T80AC
The Waeco Coolmatic RPD-1190
you can reinstall another Norcold DE 461

I've seen them all at the IBEX show. Pricing is about the same, all are made to fit the same hole as your existing Norcold, I thought I had a preferred unit in mind but I really don't. The Tundra is made very similar to the Norcold and has the cooling plate as the base of the freezer unit. The Waeco has a molded freezer and no exposed plates. I like that. I also liked that it uses the Danfoss compressor. There quite a bit I don't know and did not fully compare all three, so no firm recommendation on who the winner is here.

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