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Pennet Holder welded to the foward rail

Those Stainless Steel hinges used in our boats were made by Perko, they are 2"x3" Maxum's part # 54243, Perkos part# is 1002-007-CHR.

I own a
4100 SCR with Cummins 370Bs.
I was in NYC at Chelsea Piers and bumped into a fellow 4100 owner... We hit it off pretty well cause we both bought new and had like experiences. One worth mentioning was WATER IN OUR ENGINE ROOM BILGE. And we came up with same solution independently. In the storage compartments under the rear seats and in my fender wells on the Transom, each has a drain tube that went into the bilge. We both created a sleeve with two nipples on it and spliced it into the Main drain tubes that runs from the back corners of the engine hatches' rim or trough (whatever you want to call it) and goes directly overboard. That took care of a lot of it. But another leak was at the middle aluminum cross hatch support. The water was also leaking between the cross support ends and the gunnel or trough for the engine hatch. At that juncture, the wall of the trough tapers down to allow the cross support to fit flush. At that point, I used some boat life caulk. Has helped an awful lot in the amount of water in my bilge. Had already ran thru all of my thru hulls...so the drill was tedious. Just a couple of experiences to add to your archive!
Sincerely Bill Bauer billb30@hotmail.com

Free Heat, Revcor has just introduced a new heater that can be placed in line with your engines existing fresh water hose. This hose runs between the engine and your boats hot water heater. By using this existing connection you can heat your boats cabin while running, or at least take the nip off. The heater uses the same 5/8" hose connections as our boats do. It's called the Mojave Fan Heater it's small and has a three speed fan. Contact Suremarine 206-784-9903 1/2001The Maxum brochures state that a radar arch with speakers and lights is optional equipment on the 4100 SCA, but they have never made one. I got a custom made half arch from Atlantic Towers in Ship Bottom NJ. rwothe@environmentsinc.comYou own the boat, now how about owning the (Stuff). Maxum logo clear insulated tumblers are available for $9.00 a pop from Maxum, part # M9951. They also have other cool stuff like jackets, shirts and water bottles. All available very soon, 9/00 - 10/00 on the Maxum Parts Website. Until the Website is up with information on the log products you can call 800-346-6596 and ask, "who can order the Maxum logo merchandise from" yes they take credit cards. James 8/00

Here's a Closed Cell Foam cushion top for the helm seat. From C Cushions, of Texas. I considered replacing the standard foam in the seat with high density foam but opted for this instead. And yes it's a ski boat mirror on the right, E B part# 485565, I have been surprised at how many large boats use mirrors at the helm.

Here's a 1 inch "Rail Clamp" in the Stern of a 4100 SCB. Good for holding the Power , Cable or Phone wire out of the water. It's also a great place to attach that third fender. Made by Helm, purchased from Boat US. TWC. 1/00

Here's a 1" x 1/2" lip, made up for the 4600 SCB's upstairs table. We've had "things" fly off in medium and high seas. 1/00

Removable prep board and propane grill set up on the stern of a 4600 SCB. 1/00

Maxum Canvas, I have tried to have the canvas fabric that looks like "Sunbrella" matched. And we can't match it in the Sunbrella swatch sheet, or any one else's boat canvas. We've settled for a close color match in Sunbrella. Anyone out there know the fabrics name, stock numbers and where to get it. F Hearold 1/00 You might try the Maxum On Line Parts Catalogue, It has Sunbrella Swatches in it and you can try for a match there, the same is true for the vinyl. http://www.maxumboatparts.com/.As of 11/5/99 I have in my hands the NEW Owner's Manuals supplements for the 1999, 2000 model year 4600 SCB, 4100 SCB, 3700 SCR. I have inquired about the 4100 SCA and the 4100 SCR supplements, the word from Maxum is March of 2000. The original 6" x 9" "Cruiser and Yacht Owners Manual" is not now and could NEVER have been considered an adequate owners manual, among other things it teaches you how to back up your trailer. But moving forward, the "Supplement" is here, it does contain quite a bit of good information and I urge you all to get one, in it you may just find one item of new information that you did not know before or were unsure of, it is worth reading it. And yes, it does have an Electrical Diagram of the boat, and yes the Electrical Diagram is still incomplete. 11/99Supplement Manual Part number's follow, 4600 SCB is #79554, 4100 SCB is #79553, 3700 SCR is #79272, and the Booklet called "Cruiser Yacht Owners Manual" is Part #103895. They are available through your Dealers now. 11/99Teleflex Steering System, the filler hose kit to refill / top off your steering system is Part # HA 5438 if you don't have the filler kit you can't use the special sea star fluid. Unfortunately not everyone who sells the fluid stocks the hose kit, it can be ordered @ West Marine, etc. Contact Teleflex@ 604-270-6899, or www.seastarsteering.com some nice person @ Salisbury put one in our boat when it was delivered, thank you.We are looking for Speed vs RPM Data for all boat types and engine configurations, send us what you have, we will compile it, graph it and send it back to all of you.

Sink / counter top on the bridge of a 4600 SCB is shown braced with a 3/4" schd 80 pipe, and secured with 4 ss screws, (the center support twists without it) Also note the 110 VAC outlet, it's so nice to have AC power up on the bridge. We've also added a AC outlet in the stern steps and just below it in the stern bilge.

Engine room lighting, I have 110 VAC lighting installed, powered through the inverter, along with (2 - 20 watt DC powered halogens) down below just in case. I use 20 watt 110 VAC fluorescent bulbs because of the rough service and they give out the light of a 75 watt incandescent bulb. My AC lighting is powered by the same switch used for the DC lighting, I use a 12 volt relay in one of the junction boxes behind the light fixtures to switch on the AC lighting. Quite sweet and is it ever bright! Jc

And I've seen additional 12 vdc lights also installed. Be careful when installing additional 12 VDC lighting, the current draw may exceed the rating of the switch and the ampacity of the circuit breaker, one additional 20 watt lamp should be fine but check your individual boat to be sure. 1/00AC Plumbing, The water intake from the bronze seacock to the Groco sea strainer is fine, the sea strainer's location is not fine, it's way off centerline. I've had the sea strainer moved three feet closer to the centerline and raise just a touch. It's just above the seacock. Now you are able to inspect and clean the strainer easily without having to be a contortionist. Also since most all boat Air Conditioning pumps are not self priming the raising of the strainer allows the purging of air from the hose feeding the AC pump without breaking the hose connection at the pump and purging the air there. 1/00

Book Rack, custom made for us by a local Millwork Company. A perfect fit behind the vanity door. If you are handy I will send you the drawings free via Fax or send me a SASE I'll mail them to you.Your Clairmore dashes is held in place by #8 screws, and under them are #8 nylon washers. Did you know the chances of one of these washers disappearing during the dash removal is about 1 in 20, I hope you know this is a guess. To prevent having to put back a screw without the nylon washer and scratching the dash, buy a few to keep on hand, they are available at Lowes and Home Depot in their pull out hardware drawers. 8/99 And now also in West, E B and also Boat US. 8/00E White did not like the two exterior lazerette lockers on his 4600 SCB, so he moved them to the interior side. He now has four interior lockers inside the transom.Did you know the average boater uses their boat 100 hours a year!

Deciphering Your Serial NumberExample BVKA14YE99
This is a typical serial number used by Maxum for their databaseBVKA14YEH899
This is the actual serial number of the boat BVKA14YEH899
The "H8" tell the actual month and year the boat was made.
Month "H" being the 8th month, "8" is 1998.
A = January, B= February, C= March etc. etc.BVKA14YEH899
The "YE" designates the boat type, here a 4600 SCB.
YJis a 3500SCR Open Cruiser
YCis a 3700SCR Open Cruiser
MLis a 4100SCR Open Cruiser
YAis a 4100SCA Aft Cabin
YBis a 4100SCB Sedan Bridge
YMis a 4200SCR Open Cruiser
YEis a 4600SCB Sedan Bridge
YZis a 4600SCB Sedan Bridge with a hardtop

BVKA14YEH899 "99" is the model year, not necessarily the year in which it was made.
Coast Guard documentation and state registrations may not agree with the model year.
They may request the month and year the boat was made which is found on the MSO.

MSO, is Manufacturers Statement of Origin.
You got one when you bought the boat.

BVKA14YEH899 "14" is the 14th boat made in 1999
The first three letters are The Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC).
Boats made since 1972 have a Hull Identification Number such as (BVK) on the stern

The first three letters of the hull number "BVK" is the (MIC) code.
BVKA14YEH899 "BVK", Means the boat was built by Maxum Marine in Salisbury, MD,
BVK ends in the 1999 model year.
MXY will be used for Maxum products built in Salisbury, MD in year 2000 forward.

BL2A14YEH899 "BL2", Means the boat was built by Maxum Marine in Valdosta, GA,
BL2 ends in the 1999 model year.
MXG will be used for Maxum products in year 2000 forward.

BLBA14YEH899 "BLB", Means the boat was built by Maxum Marine in Everett, WA.
USDA14YEH899 "USD", Means the boat was built by Maxum Marine in Roseburg, OR.
“BL3” were built in Spokane, WA from 1982 to 1999 and “BL5” were also built in Spokane ’84-‘90 (from - Paul)

BVKA14YEH899 "A", is the 100's position, A is 100, B is 200, etc. C Life of Maxum Marine replies: The hull # is three designators. A06 would be the sixth hull of that model year. Now here is the cool part. If we were to make a hundred and one of the same model, the hull # 101 would be B01. Not common on motoryachts, but very common on runabouts.

Model Numbers to build code to HIN code chart
If you have any other information please send it to me

MISC. Description
Green Stripe
3200 SCR
3100 SCR
3000 SCR
2900 SCR
2800 SCR
2700 SCR
2659 GD
2550 SR2
2400 SD
2459 GB
2300 SD
2309 XD
2300 SCR
2300 SR
2300 SC
2109 GF
2100 SRB
2100 SC
2100 SR
2100 SD
2000 SC
2000 SR
2000 SR2
1900 SR
1900 SR2
1854 SB
1800 XR
1800 XR2
1800 SR
1800 XR
1750 SR
1700 XR

Were you aware that the boat manufacturer can charge the model year of the boat after it was manufactured? They can, and it is legal. Heres one of the ways it can happen. If a manufacturer builds a boat in December of 2000, it is a 2001 model. Model years start March to May of the previous year, which is somewhat similar to Automobiles. The last three digits would be 001, But if the boat is kept in the manufacturers yard, and not titled or offered for sale or shown at a boat show. The manufacturer has the right to re-serialize the boat to the next model year, if doing so they will usually make the appropriate changes in fabric etc. to the interior, but are not obligated to do so. So how do you tell? You can usually see the grind and reapply of a changed serial number in the stern molded in MIC number. In the above case, the new number would be 002. Taking over a year to build a production boat is a dead give away. Does it matter? You be the judge.

Ever wonder if there has been a recall of a boat you owned? Look at our recalls section or you can search for them for free at: http://www.uscgboating.org/mf/mf_srchMIC.ASP

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